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Do You Need An Agent

   Do You Need An Agent?

   With the easy accessibility of information on the Internet today, many purchasers ask themselves this question. Many people start their search on "the net", checking out the industry sites for listings of homes in neighbourhoods of interest, information on financing, costs related to buying etc.

   This is actually a good idea at the beginning, especially if you are not sure where you want to live.

   With all of that information so available, would you want to work with someone exclusively?

   Following are just a few of the reasons why you should:

    Sales Representatives and Brokers are aware of homes a number of days in advance of their appearance on the Internet. We also have more details about the specific homes.

    Once you have decided on type of home and preferable areas, you can be notified once new listings appear on the "hot sheets". Most offers are held off for a few days, but some are not! You could miss the one you are waiting for. We check a couple of times a day for new listings.

    Homes can be pre-inspected for you, so you don't waste valuable time looking at those that would be of no interest. We all know the following...
"Some Ads or pictures may make it actually sound better than it is."

    Financing Assistance

    You may also require assistance with neighbourhood information, sale prices and values, schools, etc.,; condition of home; costs of buying; agency and how it affects you; explanation of the offer and closing procedures; trends, negotiation and much more.

   How do you pick the right agent?

   Check out About Lakeview Realty and other information on our site.. such as "e-mail and Approach" etc.



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