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Steps In Buying A New Home


It is important to know what you can afford. Get pre-approved with a financial institution prior to beginning your search. Shop around to get the best rate and terms to suit you. It will make your offer stronger if you don’t require a condition for financing.In addition to the pre-approval, we will review

In addition to the pre-approval, we will review together with my section on Residential Resale Cost/ and procedures, so you can budget for the other closing costs involved.

Defining your needs 

If you are purchasing with someone else, sit down and discuss what is important to each of you and discuss which things are imperative, and where you will make compromises.

Picking a Neighbourhood 

Be open to alternatives we might suggest. There may be areas or pockets that you haven’t thought about. Or know about, that would meet your criteria.

Also consider different types of homes in your price range, at the beginning of your search. Know your options.

Choose an Agent & Agency Relationship 

Hopefully, at this point, you have chosen to work with us, or are if we have just met, you will see the information we have provided that we have the knowledge and expertise you are looking for.

After reviewing and discussing Agency and home it affects you, a decision will have to be made as to whether you choose to be a customer or a client in the buying process. More information is available from us on this topic.

Viewing & Choosing 

You will be notified by phone or e-mail attachments of all new properties that may meet your requirements as soon as they are processed. This is usually well in advance of the home is listed on a public site.

We will then make arrangements to view those you are interested in.

After viewing enough homes to feel comfortable with your decision, make the choice. It is difficult to find the absolute perfect home.

Decide on the one that meets most of your requirements and where you are prepared to make compromises or changes.

Preparing the Offer 

We will then prepare the offer, present it, and negotiate it on your behalf.

After Acceptance 

We will follow up after acceptance to satisfy any conditions, forward documentation to your lawyer and follow up with the process to closing.