Lakeview Realty Concierge serviceWhether you’re going 3 miles or 3,000 miles, few things are as stressful, time-consuming or costly as moving. Over the years, our customers have looked to us for our advice and assistance on everything involved before, during and after a home sale or purchase.

So we created Lakeview Realty Inc. Concierge Service – a complimentary, convenient program that is exclusively available to help make home buying and selling as stress-free and easy as possible.

We can help streamline many aspects of preparing your home for sale or moving you into a new home.

You select the services you need – from securing moving company bids to complete home repair and maintenance and everything in between. Our service providers are carefully screened to ensure they adhere to our meticulous standards of professional qualifications, reliability, and responsiveness. You pay nothing for our service – only for the services you order – at competitive rates.

When you list or buy a home through Lakeview Realty Inc., simply contact our Concierge Service Representative who will explain our menu of services and answer any questions you may have. Once you have determined your service requirements, we will forward your request to our approved service providers and then follow-up to ensure your satisfaction.

Contact your Lakeview Realty Inc. Sales Representatives to discover how our Concierge can work for you!