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Marketing Your Home or Other Property Type

Selling your home or another property is not just about putting up a sign, placing an ad in the paper or online, and doing an open house. The actual marketing of the home often starts well in advance of signing a listing.

We are often asked by owners months in advance to advise them what they should do to prepare for the sale. If planning on renovating a property prior to a sale, some people like to know that they are doing the “right things” to realize the greatest resale value.

See our “Renovations That Add Value” article for tips in that regard, but as a general rule of thumb, a coat of bright paint and getting rid of clutter goes a long way to increase value and to sell faster. The longer we live in a home, the more we accumulate and get used to having around. When selling that home, you want to have few distractions to take away from the general flow and ambiance.

When you are ready to sell we help you “set the stage” and make any last minute improvements to make your home create a welcoming posture. After the stage is set, pictures are taken and posted online as soon as possible along with other marketing methods such as print and notifying other brokerages of your listing.

Let’s not keep it a secret from any potential purchasers. Often a buyer will come from the neighbourhood, which is why placing our “For Sale” sign up right away is a good idea.

Although some owners don’t like the idea of public open houses, they are a popular way of giving that extra exposure and we have sold a number of homes as a result of an open house.

Once all of this is done, another important part of the marketing is timely follow-up with agents after their in-home showings and to assist them with questions or concerns that could be overcome.

Years of sales and management experience have enhanced our skills in marketing, negotiation, planning, and technology. This experience is valuable through the complete process, including the offer and closing stages.

Please feel free to Contact Us for advice, or a consultation on your property’s estimate value. In the meantime, the following is a more itemized list as to “What we will do for you”.

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“What Lakeview Realty Inc. will do for you when selling your home”

1. Preview your home to establish the best marketing price for your home and work to be done to present it in the best possible light.
2. Provide you with a computerized market analysis showing comparable solds and active listings for discussion purposes in establishing that price.
3. Assist with the pre-sale preparation of your home and provide storage space and some boxes for some of those items that you might not be adding to the overall décor and presentation of your home.
4. Provide a directory of names we recommend through our Exclusive Concierge Services ( painters, contractors etc.) to assist with the preparation if necessary.
5. Deliver a Customized Calendar of Events, (along with a text list) outlining the procedure and marketing events that will occur from the time of our first meeting through the first few weeks of the listing process. This will be updated as necessary.
6. Provide you with tips on preparing your home for showing. This outlines suggestions for presenting your home to all potential buyers.
7. Review all title documents, survey, realty tax bill and other pertinent information to ensure accuracy of listing information.
8. Take pictures with our digital camera for feature sheets, neighbourhood advertising and classified advertising.
9. Arrange for floor plans and Virtual Tour which will be posted our website.
10. Process the listing with the MLS Listing Service which will automatically place it on the home page of our website; an
11. Place the sign on the property.
12. Relay key listing information immediately to all Lakeview Realty Inc. and local brokerage sales representatives.
13. Prepare color feature sheets with photos and a description of the property, to be available for agents and potential buyers. Also e-mail or fax to potential clients in data base.
14. Promote the listing and invite the sales representatives to tour the home, as arranged.
15. Prepare and place newpaper and online advertising as agreed upon on.
16. Do public open houses as agreed upon.
17. Provide constant feedback regarding showings, open houses, market activity etc.
18. Handle offer negotiations and follow up on your behalf.

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